JSA offers comprehensive architectural services across West Texas, the South Plains and the Hill Country. From master planning, programming, and architectural design, to project management, visual and 3D photo realistic modeling, and construction administration. JSA’s commitment is to bring the vision of every client to life.
Master Planning
A master plan is developing or improving your property or building through a long-range plan that balances and harmonizes all elements. This process is completed at the beginning of the project and helps the client define and unify their vision. Creating a master plan is essential in the design process and provides a long-term planning document with a conceptual layout and scope of work projects in a given timeline. This collaborative process analyzes and documents our client’s long-term vision, needs and desires to utilize their time and resources most efficiently and effectively while sustaining their facilities for the future.
Architectural programming is defined as the research and decision-making process that helps to identify the scope of work to be designed and performed. JSA performs an investigative process – researching the project type, establishing goals and objectives based on function and aesthetics, gathering relevant information, identifying strategies, determining quantitative requirements, and summarizing the program. Programming clearly distinguishes project requirements used to guide the design of the project.
The JSA design team focuses on collaborative, integrated problem solving to address building aesthetics, cost-effectiveness, regional considerations, energy efficiency, safety and security, accessibility, and sustainable design. The level of service requested of JSA varies, however, typically includes project inception, schematic design, design development, construction documents, bidding and negotiation, construction and contract administration.
Project Management
JSA coordinates the work of the entire design team, manages client communications and works closely with the entire construction team throughout the duration of the project. We take responsibility for overseeing the established budget, schedule and overall quality control. JSA’s commitment is to ensure that every project is completed on time and within budget.
Visualization & 3D Animation
Using the latest software, JSA can incorporate 3D visualizations into any project from initial concept models to photo-realistic renderings, to clear and comprehensive construction documents. This enables us to fully explore, validate and communicate our creative ideas. JSA commits to designing in 3D to ensure the client sees, understands and experiences the project before it is built.
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